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International Pay

Required Information

When arranging an appointment, please provide:

  • the patient's name as it appears on the passport (last, first, middle)

  • patient's gender

  • patient's address

  • patient's date of birth

  • direct patient telephone number with international country code

  • direct patient fax number

  • patient's email address (if available)

  • a brief explanation of the current medical problem (in English)

  • the preferred date of appointment

  • whether the patient will need an interpreter, and if so, what language

Efficient Scheduling

In most cases, we can provide both diagnosis and treatment within the same patient visit. We usually can report diagnostic test results to patients one or two days after testing is completed.

The schedule of appointments for tests, physician consultation and treatment can often be compressed into a short period for international patients. This means less time away from home, less expense and more efficient use of patients' and family members' time.

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