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Spinal Fusions


Spinal fusions are needed to treat spinal instability.  Spinal instability occurs when the bones of the spine are "loose" and slip abnormally.  This most commonly occurs from trauma or degenerative aging process.  Other causes include tumor, infection, and congenital malformations.  

Treatment can range from conservative bracing to surgery.   Surgery may be required to prevent the spine from pressing on the spinal cord or to stabilize the vertebra.

Spinal fusions involve the use of bone grafts and possibly instrumentation to stabilize the spine.   Instrumentation can be a plate or rod with screws designed to immobilize the spine until the bones can heal.

If you need a Spinal fusion, come see us for consultation.  We have the latest techniques available to us for your benefit.  Minimizing surgery and maximizing outcome is our goal.  We have the clinical experience for great outcomes with a personal touch.

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