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Cash Pay

Most patients are covered by medical insurance.  Every policy is different and we will work with you to help you determine your portion of medical care costs.  With an HMO or PPO, the price of each service is often determined by a previously arranged contracted rate. 


Some patients find themselves without medical insurance coverage.  Health care for the uninsured can be expensive.  The cost of brain or spine surgery can be one of the most expensive of medical treatments.  The cost of treatment includes physician fees, hospital charges, laboratory fees, medications, etc.


We at Bindal Neurosurgical Clinic recognize the heavy financial burden neurosurgical care can place on the average American.  Our goal has been to provide care to as many lives we can touch.  We do so by extending financial aid to those in need, including providing substantial charity work over the years.


We have one of the lowest cost profiles for neurosurgery in Houston for many years running.  The cost of neurosurgical care is not just physician fees but includes hospital charges, imaging, medication, laboratory costs, etc.  Our cost profile is low due to efficient/proficient care and low complication rates.  As a result, you get overall pricing that is unmatched.

Sample Pricing:

Above pricing does not include hospital charges, imaging, medication, laboratory costs, etc.  Your cost will be determined by your condition and the treatment required.

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