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Bindal Neurosurgical Clinic is committed to providing excellent and compassionate clinical care. It is our mission to treat our patients with integrity, respect, and honest communication. We commit to continuous quality improvement with the ultimate goal of offering the best clinical experience for our patients.
We have been providing neurosurgical care in Houston since 1996 and have treated a large number of patients in the community. Our reputation is strong, as former patients and physicians will attest.
Please call us at 713-752-0001 to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and professional staff will get you in to be seen quickly.
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What is the soul? How do we understand it?


Follow the journey of American neurosurgeon, Dr. Ajay Bindal, through the high-powered world of brain surgery with fast-paced life or death decisions. Dr. Bindal’s experiences reveal the true nature of life, death, and human existence as he sees his patients battle grief with faith and religion. Based on true stories from a neurosurgeon’s life, this novel is recounted by his daughter.

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Bindal Neurosurgical Clinic

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